Writing gotchas

Because there are so many authors writing advice on writing I figured I might as well write down the things that I encountered while I’m writing.
It’ll basically be a list of the bad habits I discovered in my writing and try to avoid nowadays.

1) She/he felt;
Probably one of the first things that started to irritate me. It’s the whole passive/active writing thing. It’s telling something happened with yet another layer in between.

She felt his fingertips carefully tracing her delicate curves.

Just say it directly:
His fingertips traced her delicate curves carefully.


Another thing I was guilty of:
She felt a shudder rushing through her exposed body.

Do this:
A shudder rushed through her exposed body.

There’s no need to say she felt anything. Of course she felt it. Unless we’re talking about an android who just recently upgraded to a new skin equipped with sensors.

2) she/he started;
As with the felt thing, started is a passive method of telling things.

She started to take off her tight dress.

Let it happen, don’t just tell it’s about to happen:
She took off her tight dress.

One more:
He started to kiss softly along the back of her thighs.

He kissed softly along the back of her thighs.

3) being, became
Have to look up what it was with these expressions. ;-)


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4 Responses to Writing gotchas

  1. Lunnah says:

    This is great advice! I’ll definitely have to look out for that in my own writing. :)

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