Daily life without furry girls

The way my regular day looks:

Get up in the early afternoon.
It’s pretty sure I have delayed sleep phase syndrome. I fall asleep under normal circumstances around 3 at night, though it’s easy to get later when I’m on a roll writing or drawing.
I wake up slow, often my mind filling up with thoughts, sometimes random from the dreams I’ve had, sometimes related to what I’m writing. Most of my ideas come from that time and unfortunately when I’m trying to fall asleep.

Go to the store for groceries when needed. A guy gotta eat. Or drink and pretend to be Hemingway.

Reply to comment and email
Checking the various sites I post on, replying to comments, etcetera. Also email, although with longer emails I might reply later so I can write a decent on.
Getting feedback, be it compliments, thanks, or critical, it confirms my existence as a writer and someone doing something that affects people enough to write.

Write. Or draw. Or both.
It’s usually drawing during the day while there’s better daylight. The subject varies.
I love the female form, and drawing the most interesting photos I see. Apart from that I draw any ideas I get.
If not drawing I write, and do that the rest of the day. And evening and night.

In between
I do some strength training (kettlebells are great!), watch selected movies or series while eating,

Try to get a healthy amount of sleep. Which I can as long as nobody bothers me before noon.

All in all I spend more hours writing or drawing than I ever did working in IT but the lack of stress makes it one of the best jobs one can have. Even if I’d have to live in poverty because I live.


About scifurz

Science fiction, fantasy, furry, horror stories, drawings and ideas, tech ramblings
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