World bits

More background on the worlds of Daily Life With Furry Girls series and the Huskies stories.


As shown by the current state of affairs in a certain world, democracy doesn’t work when many voters are easily influenced to make a bad decision.
A new form of controlled government was demanded after another collapse of global economy and happiness. Some of the requirements are to protect it from fraud, corruption, self-enrichment, while still letting the people have their say.

A benevolent dictatorship has many advantages as long as the leader makes informed decisions to benefit the people. For them it doesn’t matter who rules, as long as they’re not taken advantage of. So instead of electing a head of state by the population, the alternative is letting them submit and elect issues that concern them.

Issues are brought forward by the people on an online petition site secured by personal login and a simple, clean design. Each person of an adult age can create a petition and confirm it after the display of similar older and current petitions. Petitions can be up-voted once by each person and there are no down-votes.
Each petition will be checked on content and redirected to the ministry or ministries it relates to. Top petitions get a priority but all petitions will be processed.

Each ministry is run by experts in the field with a public work history. The head of each ministry is assigned on a rotating basis from the top members but has no specific privileges apart from acting on behalf of the ministry.
The processing of each petition is made public and the outcome has to be accompanied with lists of pros and cons. The public has one month to challenge the outcome, after which it is either signed into law without repeal for three years (unless affected by natural disaster), or it will be re-evaluated by a third party team.

A president is assigned on a yearly basis by rotation from each ministry and is also without specific privileges apart from signing on behalf of the nation.


Inequality is caused by the greed of the few who hoard as much as they can. To prevent this from happening rules have been set in place to put a cap on dead wealth.
Dead wealth are funds not actively used for expenses.

Every year the maximum age of 99% of the population is calculated and each person born in that year is at that time allowed to have 1 million per year of remaining calculated age for total wealth when they reach adulthood.
If they grow older than the calculated age they will receive a state pension with a maximum of 1 million a year up to a maximum of 1 million of total wealth.
Excessive wealth above the age limit will be transferred to the state, which will use it for public projects.

Companies are limited to a maximum of 10 years covering running costs of the previous year. Extra funds for projects can be set aside for 5 year terms after approval by the state. After that period remaining funds count towards the company total.
An excess of failed projects can lead to future denial of new project budget approvals.
As with personal wealth, anything above the limit will go to the state.

The state itself is also subject to a cap of 15 years of running costs. Excess funds are used for public projects.


The law is based on the principle of anything is allowed as long as it doesn’t harm anything.

Correcting bad behaviour is at the core of treatment of criminals, but if they keep repeating they will be indefinitely incarcerated.
Extreme crimes like murder, rape, etcetera are automatic indefinite incarceration.

Persons abusing the justice system will be fined, incarcerated, or barred from filing complaints for a period of time.


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