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Sheep and Wolf ch 01

Gary has a slight problem. He transforms into a half man, half sheep at night.
He also has a bigger problem. There’s a giant wolf who wants to eat him.

How will he cope with that while he has a crush on Suzy, his cute neighbour from across the hallway? Continue reading

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DLwFG: 12 – Run, Guys, Run!

*Volume 2 has been published with episodes 11-20! Amazon: Smashwords: Patreon: So, there’s at least nine more episodes to come, and here’s the first of those. This time it’s Guy and Tobias getting into the action. No, … Continue reading

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Sand Shark

Nereus thought he heard a ship’s bell ringing. Somewhere far off. Fairly sure he wasn’t dreaming because he felt the heat of the sun on his back and the sand in his face he concluded that desert madness was upon … Continue reading

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