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Sheep and Wolf ch 01

Gary has a slight problem. He transforms into a half man, half sheep at night.
He also has a bigger problem. There’s a giant wolf who wants to eat him.

How will he cope with that while he has a crush on Suzy, his cute neighbour from across the hallway? Continue reading

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DLwFG: 12 – Run, Guys, Run!

*Volume 2 has been published with episodes 11-20! Amazon: Smashwords: Patreon: So, there’s at least nine more episodes to come, and here’s the first of those. This time it’s Guy and Tobias getting into the action. No, … Continue reading

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Working relation

She woke up feeling very groggy and moaned. Slowly the memories of the drinking binge came back. She got frustrated about the new guy getting a lot of attention from the girls at work and worked him really hard. When … Continue reading

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