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LEGO cars 8860 8865 8880

My first experience with the big Technic LEGO sets was the car chassis 8860 that I received as a kid with Sinterklaas. To be given the largest and most complicated set at the time was fantastic. I don’t know how … Continue reading

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Modified Lego Giant Truck 5571

When I bought the Lego Model Team Giant Truck 5571 (also known as the Black Cat) back in 1996 I knew I’d modify it to give it a decent size sleeper cabin. The original is just too small for looks … Continue reading

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Off grid computing

Take a 20 or 24V solar panel with plenty of Wp to be useable during cloudy weather. Additional solar panels should be connected in parallel. Connect one or more car charger plugs capable of full power USB 3 and one … Continue reading

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